18 January 2009


From Snoqualmie River Flooding 8-Jan-2009

As of Friday, the highway washout that had cut us off from Fall City has been fixed. Thanks to the WSDOT for their hard work in getting a big mess repaired as quickly as they did. I still need to hike down Fish Hatchery Road (pictured to the right) to see what it's looking like now.

This flooding is by far the highest I've seen the river go since we've been living here, and it was the second time this flood season that the houses down in the floodplain wound up underwater. Hopefully they have the option of moving to higher ground rather than rebuilding in a place that requires a helicopter rescue when they don't get out in time. The situation is somewhat less hopeful for the RV park that's across the river from the highway.

08 January 2009

Snoqualmie Falls at Flood II

I made it out to take more pictures and video (see below) of the flooding along the Snoqualmie River near Spring Glen this morning.

Check out this video of Snoqualmie Falls at a normal summer time flow for comparison.

07 January 2009

Snoqualmie Falls at Flood

After an extended period of snowfall, the freezing level has climbed drastically while we receive over half a foot of new rainfall. The result is extensive flooding.

We have a few videos from Snoqualmie Falls along with a gallery of other images from around Spring Glen.

Update: More photos and video from January 8th.