01 January 2005

Happy New Year!

Once again the holiday season is here and and another exciting year is behind us. 2004 has been a time of change for us. Early in the year we had a contractor replace our roof that was damaged from last fall’s windstorm. The new roof is a metal construction that should better withstand the valley winds. Just a couple weeks ago the winds picked up again and the roof is still in tact, so we’re calling it a success.

Eileen continues her work for the federal government and spent the better part of the summer studying for the LSAT test which she took in October at Seattle University. The test results were good and so now it’s a matter of going through the admissions process. Seattle University has the most appealing program near us at the moment.

Andy suffered a torn ligament in his knee skiing this spring. After physical therapy, arthroscopic surgery, more physical therapy and some yoga the knee has most of its flexibility back. A knee brace will allow for a return to the slopes this winter, albiet not following his father off any more jumps for at least a year or two.

Not to be outdone, our siamese cat Mocha also managed a minor ligament injury bounding about the house, which necessitated her to clomp around the house with a cast on her right rear leg. The vet did not throw in a parrot for her shoulder and an eyepatch to complete the effect unfortunately. Mocha’s feeling better now and informs me that the last joke will be forgiven for an undisclosed amount of tuna.

This year also saw a change in employment as Andy left his previous job and joined Marchex. Marchex has their Seattle office directly on Westlake Park, a fun place to view the holiday festivities in the downtown shopping district. This also gives us an extra hour together each day commuting. Hopefully next year will see continued success for the company.

We hope that the coming year brings happiness and prosperity to you and yours.

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