19 February 2005

WordPress-Pg 1.2.2 in CVS

The WordPress-Pg project source code in CVS is up to date with WordPress 1.2.2 as of last Saturday. This is going to be of little consolation to people that want the latest WordPress release (1.5) which arrived during this week.

Given the larger scope of changes for the 1.5 release it may take a little longer to get things together. I’m also going to have to continue to fight the temptation to make improvements in the places where WordPress’s performance is lackluster. It isn’t clear to me from the release notes if they actually managed to do something about the volume of queries needed to render a page or not. A lot of it may be a result of being crippled by MySQL’s limitations as well (for instance, it can only use one index per table in each query), so they may not be able to do anything to help it.

In any case, if you’re interested in WordPress-pg 1.2.2 you can check it out from the Sourceforge anonymous CVS by following the directions at Sourceforge and adding -r WPPG_1_2_1 right after “co” in the checkout command.

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