09 May 2005

XEmacs 21.5.20-b2 for OS X

I’ve made a build of XEmacs 21.5.20 with the Carbon patches from Andrew Choi. You can download my build of the XEmacs.app right now. However, using it is up to you. I just thought I’d save some folks the trouble of doing the build until Andrew has one ready.

This is compiled on Mac OS X 10.4.0 and XTools 2, and may or may not work on earlier or later versions. You’ll probably have better luck if you unpack xemacs-sumo-date.tar.bz2 into ~/.xemacs or XEmacs.app/Contents/Resources/lib/ since a lot of the basic functionality depends on these packages.

For the paranoid in the crowd, there is a PGP/GPG signature file for the tarball above. If you have any reason to trust my PGP signature you’ll find that useful.

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