01 July 2005

Coast Pictures Online

Our pictures from the Oregon Coast are now in the photo gallery. There are lots of pictures of the beach at Pacific City where we stayed and the view from our patio where I did a good bit of reading.

Picture of waves

It was another great time at the shore. A much needed break to relax and stop by our favorite haunts on the coast. The Grateful Bread Bakery provided tasty breakfast and lunch. The Pelican Pub & Brewery has a good red ale as a spring (and apparently early-summer) seasonal, the Doryman’s Dark is good too. I will admit however to not being too picky a beer snob, so no comments about bouquet and finish.

Further south we stopped by Ainslee’s Salt Water Taffy store in Depoe Bay and Mo’s. Later in the trip, caught by a desire for some italian food we set out for a restaurant Lincoln City which frustratingly closed at 7 or 8pm. After asking some locals for advice on what to do next, we made it down to the Italian Riviera Restaurant and Piano Bar in between Lincoln City and Depoe Bay for some wonderful pasta and good live jazz to boot, definitely a great find.

Getting out to relax is wonderful, and we were treated to some nice sunsets (see the new title graphic above) to boot. Overall, we highly recommend the experience provided you remember to put on your sunblock.

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