17 August 2005

Ruby-doc.org Not Working

I’ve had some frustration in the last day or two trying to access ruby-doc.org. As it turns out ruby-doc.org’s name servers don’t actually exist. But a play-by-play will make this easier to explain.

The nameservers for .org say that ruby-doc.org is served by ns1.tagbomb.com and ns2.tagbomb.com. So now we need to find ns1.tagbomb.com.

The nameservers for .com say that tagbomb.com is served by ns1.ev1servers.net and ns2.ev1servers.net. Alright, off to .net land…

The nameservers for .net say ev1servers.net is served by ns1.ev1servers.net and we can find it at Ah ha!

When we talk to it says that ns1.ev1servers.net is indeed at and you’re talking to it. When we ask it about ns1.tagbomb.com (which we were told it should have an answer for) it says it does not exist.

So there we are. ns1.tagbomb.com and ns2.tagbomb.com don’t exist but are the authoritative name servers for ruby-doc.org. No authoritative name servers means no access to the domains. (Although you are okay with certain name servers that allow their idea of where ns1.tagbomb.com is to be poisoned by the .org nameservers)

I hope they fix this soon, not having access to documentation is annoying and doesn’t reflect well on the language.


It’s fixed
now. James Britt was quick about it after it was brought to his attention.

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