21 January 2007

Moved to Blogger

As you may have noticed, I’ve moved the blog part of the site over here to Blogger’s new custom domain feature. Some old links to the blog pages may not work any more, but I've tried to get the majority of them to redirect correctly. My old custom hacked up Typo install was getting frayed around edges and its easier to let a free service handle this stuff for me as long as I can extract my data later.

It turns out that it's not too hard to take the data from Typo articles by getting them by id number and then finagle it into something that the Blogger API will take and do the migration programmatically. I did have to clean up the XHTML in places where tags hadn’t quite lined up, but it wasn't all that much work.


Anonymous said...

I liked your pics, specially the winter and river pics :-)

Planning on visiting the area this year... well, I hope to anyway!

Mathieu said...

can you please post your method/code to migrate from Typo to blogger? I'd like to do the same...