14 October 2007

Review: Issaquah Brew House

After a long day of Eileen and Jeanie studying constitutional law and me painting an interior wall, Tom stopped by and we decided to head out to the Issaquah Brew House for dinner. We were met with what I can only describe as the most untimely service I've ever received at a restaurant.

It made a good excuse to give the "Submit a review" feature of Google Maps a whirl. The review is online.

The experiences have led me to wonder what the optimum server to table ratio is. I know there's a lot of clamor on the internet that claims that the gruff service in Europe is because servers handle more tables and (as a result) have to be somewhat more efficient, and have less time to be personable. Presumably someone with experience in restaurant management would have a good idea, but 6 tables seems like a reasonable maximum from what I'm reading online.

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