19 March 2009

Book Review: Spook Country

After finishing another book by Gibson with a few of the same central characters, I decided to read Spook Country. This was a mistake.

The characters and plot are both confused, disjoint and incomplete. Short of taking notes there is slim hope of tracking what is going on with the characters, but I shouldn't have worried about it because most of them are irrelevant and the few that are relevant never gain any sense of closure. The interactions between characters are like a political-correctness-gone-crazy dystopia where giving a damn about anyone would result in a harassment lawsuit. There are some interesting settings described, however not so interesting that they compensate for the cardboard cutout characters, all of whom keep one another at more than an emotionally safe distance throughout the whole story.

The last 50 pages are very chaotic. It reads as if the author had hit his deadline for turning in the manuscript and scribbled together a plot outline that tied off a few of the threads of the story and then walked away. I found Pattern Recognition passable, but this book, set with some of the same characters, really seems like the effort was phoned in and was a disappointment.

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