16 November 2009

Ireland 2009

[Sorry, but the pictures are not in chronological order]

Andy (after the tasting session) at the Jameson Factory in Midleton, Ireland.

The old Jameson Factory buildings. A new improved factory was built in the 70's next door.

A waterwheel which powered the plant and is still running today.

A small still in front of the plant.

The EU helped to fund the restoration of the old buildings.

We spent a night in Cork, Ireland where we saw this plaque in front of a local cathedral. I never knew there was an apostle of temperance before . . .

We also visited Newgrange, a massive structure built in 3200 BC. The entire structure is built of stone and there are approximately forty more mounds, of varying sizes, in the surrounding area.

These pictures are from the Southern Coast, specifically, the Ring of Dingle.

The Killarney Riding Stables. The O'Sullivan family has owned and operated the stable since the 60's. They currently have one hundred and forty horses!

Their Percheron stallion was both friendly and beautiful. Although, he was in his own separate barn with an adjoining paddock built out of railroad ties.

Andy's mount, Ben, is a Shire Drought cross.

Andy and I on the beach in County Kerry. My horse, Aladdin, is an Irish Draught horse. We rode for two full days around County Kerry, also known as "The Ring of Kerry." We covered over twenty miles on horseback and had a fantastic time.

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