27 March 2005

It Came From Progress Report on WordPress-Pg 1.5

I just checked in a little more progress on making things work. Lots of stuff to report and more general thoughts here as well…

  • Fix the Category List order strangeness in wp-admin/categories.php

  • Change the default links in the install to not include every person who ever wrote a line of WordPress code and instead point to the project pages and useful resources like the WordPress Codex.

    • I do realize this is a little on the gratuitous side, but I think it’ll provide helpful resources to new users. I don’t think new users want to see my blog.

  • Page Parent in wp-admin/page-new.php fixed to work properly

  • Pages list on visitor facing pages working

  • Viewing of static pages working

  • Fixed various uses of SQL year() to use extract(year from col) instead

    • It’s worth noting that this isn’t necessary if the ODBC functions are installed in PostgreSQL. There is probably some room for argument that we should just require that instead.

I think Keenan has been working on the upgrade scripts as well. Certainly a braver man than I, the way the parent project handles upgrading the schema scares me a fair bit. Before I saw today’s changes I almost wanted to suggest putting the kibosh on the whole “upgrade” script thing and just having an import script that takes care of it instead. In any case I think an “import from WordPress-MySQL 1.5” script probably has enough utility that it should be added to the to do list.

  • Install from scratch

  • Upgrade from 1.2 (?)

  • New blog entries work

  • New comments work

  • New static pages work

  • New categories work

  • New links work

The redirect stuff doesn’t work for some pages due to more year() issues. It throws a database error that details the problem, so that should be easy enough to fix. The XMLRPC code still needs to be examined and from a mile high view it looks like a hornet’s nest or a hive of villany or something like that.

There is, of course, plenty left to be addressed, but once the WP-Pg 1.5 work is done, hopefully work can begin towards a happier database agnostic future. And even more hopefully, the developers of the WordPress parent project would embrace those sorts of changes. Right now I get the impression there is ambivalence about the kinds of changes that would be required. It may turn out that, like so many technical hurdles, the hardest work required is in soothing the feathers of the people involved.

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