21 March 2005

The Return of Progress Report on WordPress-pg 1.5

I spent some quality time in a local coffee shop this evening pounding out more work on the port. Without further rambling here is the good and bad side of where we’re at now:

  • Installs from scratch works in my test environment

    • The logo image on the install page depends on a remote image, probably should get fixed to be local

    • The table creation statements in step 2 interleave wrong in my browser

    • There are some errors thrown by the index manipulation code in step 2

    • Haven’t tested an upgrade scenario of any sort (this probably won’t work)

    • Haven’t tested an import scenario of any sort (this certainly won’t work)

  • Creating new posts works

  • Creating new comments works

    • Comment status code is probably broken (badness related to comment_approved growing a new “SPAM” status which I’ve wound up implementing using NULL since this was made a boolean in the 1.2.x ports)

  • Creating new categories works

  • Creating new links works

  • The front page as well as individual post pages display correctly

  • The admin pages display mostly correct

    • There is some weirdness with the categories list in Manage Categories where root items are displayed twice except for the id 0 “Uncategorized” entries.

  • I’m seeing some database error messages on creating a post but can’t determine where they are coming from due to wp-db being obtuse and various bits of WordPress code turning error reporting off for no good reason

  • Haven’t even begun to look at xmlrpc.php yet. Making that go seems like it is going to be a bit of an adventure

  • Got the posts and categories displaying correctly on the end user parts

  • Fixed places where LIMIT M,N needed to become LIMIT N OFFSET M for PostgreSQL

  • Fixed more badness where “SHOW TABLE STATUS” was used to get the auto_increment counter for new categories, which resulted in new category creation working properly.

  • Default post category is now the special “Uncategorized” category. Some weird stuff was happening where the post_category would be 0 but wp_post2cat would have 1 in it for some reason

  • Cleanup database error messages to be able to know when things go wrong without tailing PostgreSQL’s logs

  • Make install.php use local images only

  • Fix install.php step 2 to use reindex rather than dropping and recreating indexes (which may be necessary for MySQL but not us)

  • Figure out and fix what is throwing the SQL syntax errors in post.php on “save as draft”

  • Fix the Category List order strangeness in wp-admin/categories.php

  • Change the default links in the install to not include every person who ever wrote a line of WordPress code and instead point to the project pages and useful resources like the WordPress Codex.

  • Change the default hello world comment and text to have some “Lorem Ipsum” copy in them to fill out space better.

So I’m going to be checking this all into CVS in a few minutes. I also took the time to add my thoughts about database abstraction approaches on the Using Alternative Databases page over on the WordPress Codex wiki. The WordPress-specific abstraction layer is going to work out best in the long haul. Highly generic abstraction layers for database access generally do poorly from optimization, performance and ease of coding points of view. And as the time spent on the 1.5 port demonstrates, the existing database code is a total fiasco for trying to add new databases to.

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