18 June 2006

Seattle U. Law Calendar

The Seattle University School of Law keeps a master calendar on their website where students (and faculty) can check on important dates in the coming terms. Unfortunately, this calendar is just in static HTML and you can’t easily import it into a tool you might want to use to help keep track of your days. (I hear that time management can be important in law school.) The master calendar isn’t in your Seattle U. OWA account by default either.

With the obvious disclaimers: (well it is a law school after all)

  1. I don’t represent Seattle U. School of Law.

  2. You shouldn’t depend on this calendar as your sole source of information regarding Seattle U. School of Law’s schedule.

I’ve generated a Google Calendar for SU Law that is available in a variety of formats:

This is mainly for our personal use, but you’re welcome to use it if you find it useful.

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