30 July 2006

Gawker Image Fetch Script Improved

I’ve made some improvements to Gawker Image Fetch and moved it over to Google Code Hosting.

If you checkout the copy from Subversion over there you’ll gain the ability to specify the Gawker instance with Bonjour/Zeroconf, as well as having a new --foreground mode that fills your terminal with exciting debugging messages like:

Saw service ‘Unprivileged Clown._lapse._tcp.local.’

Source moved to

Replacing connection

Connecting to

The new Zeroconf features appear to work in both OS X and FreeBSD. Theoretically it should be able to follow the camera to a new IP if the camera machine reboots.

I’m still seeing an occasional bug that requires restarting the script in the install for the webcam. Hopefully the additional debugging information will help me get to the bottom of that.

Let me know if it works for you…

Thanks to the developers of pyzeroconf for that library. It has a few bugs which I’ve fixed for this script and haven’t submitted back yet.

Update: I sent a patch along by email to pyzeroconf interested parties.

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